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Telefonkatalogen.biz Success Story

A thousand articles have been written about how telefonkatalogen biz treats their clients, some of them are not as favourable as one might imagine. Bla bla bla

I have copied this comment from the following page*

This is what one of telefonkatalogen.biz’s clients says:
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I got quite alot for my moneys worth from telefonkatalogen.biz’s adwords set up in google… just today I got a huge contract signed by a large construction company that found me through google…At Gule sider you have to spend 250000 to get first priority, and I think that it’s quite a lot of money, and the results aren’t any different there. My advice is to buy google adwords. nothing else, however, never an ad in gule sider for 2700,- whic is the smallest one they have,, doesn’t get any visibility until page 40 or so.. gule sider is shit unless you can afford to spend a fortune there! but for only 2000,- a small company like mine got a solid agreement with a contruction company. it is not the first time and it is thanks to telefonkatalogen biz and google.

Comment by Ole Jhonny — november 27, 2007 @ 6:14 pm